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It is with sadness that the Board of Directors and Staff of Oceanside Volunteer Association closed its doors on December 31st. We thank you for the tremendous support and patronage we have received over the years. We wish you a safe and happy Holiday Season and the very best in 2021. Farewell and Best Wishes.
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Our Programs And Services

Volunteer Recruitment

Organizations may submit as many volunteer requests as they wish. O.V.A. will carry out active recruitment to fill those requested positions. O.V.A. maintains a data base of individuals who would like to volunteer and will O.V.A. currently enjoys sponsorship for a newspaper advertisement each month; in which we highlight members volunteer postings on rotational basis throughout the year.


O.V.A. promotes member organizations by: Displaying their brochures in the O.V.A. office for perusal by volunteers; providing assistance with special events; providing contact and service information on the Member Organization Directory of the O.V.A. website; and highlighting special events and activities or member organizations on our Facebook page.

Resource Materials

The O.V.A. maintains a library of resource materials of interest to volunteer organizations on such topics as the role of the Board of Directors, trends in volunteering, volunteer management and fundraising

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Volunteer Opportunities

You Can Make A Difference In Your Community This Summer By Spending A Few Hours Each Week Volunteering. Not Only Will You Enhance Life In Oceanside Communities; You Will Be Enhance Your Own Life With An Increased Sense Of Good Health And Well-Being. We Look Forward To Hearing From You!

Arts and Culture

Participate in the beautification and awareness campaigns in Oceanside neighbourhoods and employ your creativity for the greater good.


Become a member of our community programmes for enhancing the life experience of people who need extra care

Public Safety

We believe in developing a safe and secure neighbourhood for Oceanside Travellers. We organise seminars for making people aware about employing safety protocols at their homes.

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